Poorman’s OLED test jig

During last (Chinese) year end shopping frenzy I grabbed some OLED display panels, hoping to boost the presentation¬†of my projects.¬†¬†The panel model is¬†UG-2864ASGGG14, made by "WiseChip Semiconductor Inc." in Taiwan. Unlike typical LCD modules with complete interface board and 0.1 inch pitch pin headers, ¬†this is a bare panel comes with only the glass and … Continue reading Poorman’s OLED test jig

Mobile charger mini review

Mobile charger has become one of the most popular accessories/consumables for smart-phone (thanks to Apple's non-removable battery design). Being a heavy mobile internet user, I have accumulated several mobile chargers, ranging from top-of-the-line Energizer "Energi To Go"series, to homebrew single 18650 lithium battery¬†adaptor. All of them have proved to charge mobile phone well. But are … Continue reading Mobile charger mini review