SMMF12 badge

Maker Faire to me was a carnival to enjoy on the web. Being mostly held in the US area, I’m simply denied the luxury of attending  it. So when I received a news letter from about their promotions during Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2012, I’m stunned.

It is a day to remember, 4th August 2012, that I attended the inaugural Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2012 (#SMMF12).
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Atten rework station AT8586

In Singapore where hobbyist are generally understood as Gundam models collectors or Tamiya cars racers, Sim Lim Tower is probably the only market place for electronics lovers. With four stories of retro-style retail shops which essentially selling the same vintage, it never fails to bring me back to the good old days. I sometimes do wonder how these shops survived. Maybe because of our curriculum for the final year project never changes since 1985, or our consumers are nostalgic by nature. But one thing for sure is that the shop owners are able to turn mediocrity into magnificence. When a LED light is selling at chocolate bar’s price, it is not too hard to understand how this market works. Continue reading

Raspberry Pi

This is a back dated post to celebrate the arrival of my Raspberry Pi. Delivered on 7th May 2012 from element14 Singapore. This is the device that revived my hobby of DIY electronics, after so many years of dull programming job. Thanks Eben and the Raspberry Pi foundation !
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