Arduino Redesigned – Maker UNO Review

Friends at Cytron Technologies are going to launch an Arduino compatible Maker UNO board at KickStarter. They send me an early production board for review. So here are my two cents worth. (This is NOT a paid review) This article from Wikipedia gives us a very comprehensive list of Arduino UNO compatible boards from "known" … Continue reading Arduino Redesigned – Maker UNO Review

TrueSTUDIO STM32 project to GCC Makefile converter

Since I wrote the STM32CubeMX to Makefile converter, a lot of people have been helping to improve the project. Thanks! Meanwhile I also heard a lot of complaints about the quality of STM32Cube codes, for example, the thread here. Although I believe STM32Cube's quality will eventually improve, at the moment there are still applications for the good … Continue reading TrueSTUDIO STM32 project to GCC Makefile converter

STM32CubeMX GCC Makefile project

Writing peripheral initialization code is probably the most tedious work in embedded development. It always successfully stops me from starting a new project. I believe engineers at STMicroelectronics share the same pain. Therefore they created STM32Cube firmware and STM32CubeMX graphical configuration tool, which turns numerous key strokes and page flips into just a few mouse clicks. STM32CubeMX is free software, … Continue reading STM32CubeMX GCC Makefile project

ESP8266 breadboard adapter and I’m on Tindie

The rise of the ESP8266 WiFi chip was almost overnight with Espressif's open approach and pushing from Hackaday. While no ground-breaking product has yet emerged, the development on the chip are phenomenon. However due to an unknown reason the ESP8266 modules manufacture seems to prefer non-standard 2.0mm pitch connector, which gives a lot of headache … Continue reading ESP8266 breadboard adapter and I’m on Tindie

Macbook Bluetooth upgrade for LightBlue Bean

During last year's blackfriday sale I was introduced to the epic Lightblue Bean "Cheaper than a turkey" promotion. I grabbed two beans during a group buy spree. A week later's The AmpHour interview with Colin Karpfinger justifies that my purchase is not purely impulsive. However I did make a mistake. I was under the impression that a Mac … Continue reading Macbook Bluetooth upgrade for LightBlue Bean