FlappyDuino – Arduino Day 2014 celebration

March 29 2014 is Arduino's 10 years birthday, also the World's Arduino Day. In conjunction with the global celebration, SG Makers in partnership with IDA is organizing a whole series of events for Singapore Arduino lovers. And I was invited to showcase some Arduino projects. Being not too much dedicated to Arduino, I have to quickly put up something … Continue reading FlappyDuino – Arduino Day 2014 celebration

Project Crystal (Part 2)

It took me a while but I've made some progress ... Here are the photos of finished board: [style-my-gallery css="max-width: 80%; margin: 0 auto 25px auto" options='animation: "fade", directionNav: false, pauseOnHover: true, slideshowSpeed: 5000, animationDuration: 300'] Working as a software engineer for ten over years, I did not initially consider Adruino programming is of any … Continue reading Project Crystal (Part 2)