Arduino Redesigned – Maker UNO Review

Friends at Cytron Technologies are going to launch an Arduino compatible Maker UNO board at KickStarter. They send me an early production board for review. So here are my two cents worth. (This is NOT a paid review) This article from Wikipedia gives us a very comprehensive list of Arduino UNO compatible boards from "known" … Continue reading Arduino Redesigned – Maker UNO Review

Mobile charger mini review

Mobile charger has become one of the most popular accessories/consumables for smart-phone (thanks to Apple's non-removable battery design). Being a heavy mobile internet user, I have accumulated several mobile chargers, ranging from top-of-the-line Energizer "Energi To Go"series, to homebrew single 18650 lithium battery¬†adaptor. All of them have proved to charge mobile phone well. But are … Continue reading Mobile charger mini review