FlappyDuino – Arduino Day 2014 celebration

March 29 2014 is Arduino’s 10 years birthday, also the World’s Arduino Day. In conjunction with the global celebration, SG Makers in partnership with IDA is organizing a whole series of events for Singapore Arduino lovers. And I was invited to showcase some Arduino projects.

Being not too much dedicated to Arduino, I have to quickly put up something demo-able. And since I’ve been playing with display devices often, I decided to make an Arduino graphics project. After two weeks, I finished my first Arduino game — FlappyDuino (thanks SG Makers William Hooi for inventing the name).

The project hardware is really simple. It only contains an Arduino Pro Mini, a ST7735 SPI TFT panel and a distance sensor (Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F, which I used before in Project Crystal). I have put the KiCAD schematic, PCB and Arduino sketch code at https://github.com/baoshi/FlappyDuino. Feel free to download and criticise my code.

Lazy me also think a video is worth thousands of words.

Happy Birthday Arduino!

5 thoughts on “FlappyDuino – Arduino Day 2014 celebration

    1. I can’t remember clearly for this one. But I usually save the image to binary file then use xxd to convert binary file to source code.


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