Manual PCB milling

I always admire those hobbyists having a machinery workshop in their garage. But living in Singapore government housing basically deprived me of any wild wishes of having my own. It is not until I found Proxxon Micro Mill MF70, I see a glimpse of hope. The reason I choose MF70 is not only because of its compact size and “reasonably” affordable price, but more importantly it being “CNC Ready”. I can imaging it would extremely useful for PCB prototyping and building cases or panels for my upcoming projects. Backed by the huge MF70 CNC community, I stated the quest for my first ever computerized machine.

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Raspberry Pi in a box

Along with the huge success of Raspberry Pi is the booming of after-market boxes/enclosures made available.  There are fancy laser-cut acrylic boxes, 3D-printed boxes, boxes with breadboards, etc, which are either out of reach or just too expensive for me. However I definitely need some protectionfor the board as my table is sometimes full of screws, naked wires, hot iron, … Continue reading “Raspberry Pi in a box”